Do not miss out on skin benefits, as you may be scared of recovery period after the skin laser treatments!


According to Khloe Kardashian, “I got the greatest laser treatment today on my entire face!” “Excuse me if my face is a little puffy. Skin improvement lasers give you only temporary side effects, for example some redness, puffiness, some flaky skin and dryness of the skin. The above settle down over a matter of  3-5 days.

Skin rejuvenation laser resurfacing and light treatments are there to improve your skin colour and texture, to give you a younger looking face.

You need not be house bound to recover from the above side effects.  After the treatment in about 48 hours, you can put your make up on and carry on with your routine as before.

We are a leading skin tightening, repair, resurface and skin improvement clinic in the Derby locally and leaders in the Midlands in the skin and eye care and cosmetic treatments. We are serving the community for the last 12 years in the area.

The clinic offers a wide range of skin and eye cosmetic lasers, peels, fillers, Botox, rejuvenation, discolouration and surgical treatments.

To contact the clinic, call on 01332 297397, to book your free consultation, with one of our doctors to assess your needs and answer your queries before doing the treatment.


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