Home care treatments

Another name for home care is Cosmeceuticals. Home care products are needed to prepare skin for treatments such as pulsed light, laser and skin peels. There are other benefits: to calm angry-looking skin, stabilise angry looking skin, moisturise dry skin conditions, heal open skin, prevent spots, and minimize scarring and promote healing. Your physician/aesthetician recommended home care programme to treat pigment (melanin) deposits, protect skin from sunlight, and apply antioxidants. Antioxidants deal with free radicals and prevent further damage to the skin layers. Melanin in our skin is stored as packets of colour. When these packets are interfered with as a result of insect bite, boil, injury or sun discolouration, hormones and specific medication may lead to hyper and hypopigmentation. Pigment lightening gels containing Kojic acid, ascorbic acid, alpha and beta hydroxy acids and hydroquinone (4%) preparations are used over a period of months to see results. The most potent antioxidant is Vitamin C, also known as L-Ascorbic Acid and Obagi –C. These products’ eventual aim is to prime the skin and revive the collagen layer to produce more fibroblasts cells seen as healthy skin.

Healthy skin needs home care to keep the collagen layer active. There are environmental factors which damage our skin DNA. Mainly it is the sun rays UVA and UVB cause the most of our skin ageing. Some products are required for repair of DNA and can be used at home over a period of time. Others play a role in reducing itchiness, redness and weal formation.

Home care should be prescribed only after a consultation and examination of your skin type. You should make sure that you get product information and that it has been explained to you. Get answers to the questions like – how it will benefit you, how this will improve your condition, how long to use, and whether there are any side effects.

The majority of the homecare products are safe to use at home; the key to safety is that these should be recommended by a specialist and then followed up by the provider.

One should not buy these till all your questions have been answered to your satisfaction. Random buying or cheaper remedies and alternatives can harm your skin more than any benefits.

There is a constant race between pharmaceutical and Cosmeceutical companies and other competitors to provide better and better products. The race is about more research and what ingredients and what percentage works best for different skin types. To make sense of the plethora of products in the market, we regularly revise our products range. At present, we stock Agera, Neostrata, Obagi, Jan Marini, Mene & Moy, medical Aesthetics, Medik8, Obaji C-range, Obaji Nu-derm, DCL, Aesthetic source and prescription medication.

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