Newsletter April 2015

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Research shows women prioritise youthful face over youthful body

We have people coming to the clinic all the time with a variety of issues for example, sunken cheeks, hollowed out cheeks, double chin, downward pull on the facial skin and facial aging around the eyes.A survey conducted by Wakefield Research shows nearly 60% of respondents are more concerned about their faces aging than their bodies.

Cosmetic/aesthetic patients over 65 has doubled!

We have seen more and more women of age group 60 plus, are on the increase in the clinic. They are more informed about the aesthetic treatments available today, to make them feel good and more confident of themselves. The information over load is through various sources, particularly through the internet. They do their home -work and come predetermined about their need and options of treatments available to them. Their choices range from Botox injections, to non–invasive skin tightening treatments and body contouring,  cellulite reduction treatments, stretch-marks improvement, bulging  belly reduction treatments. The most important one (almost all need them in this age group) is the skin volume enhancements, as lunch time treatments. These are for deep lines and wrinkles to plump out your face, so that the skin appearance is smoother.

Also aesthetic Gurus believe the actress – now 69, Helen Mirren Hollywood favourite, is reportedly behind the sharp rise in women aged 60-70 wish to go for cosmetic skin treatments, to have more youthful and brighter skin.

Latest on cosmetic surgery trends

Cosmetic surgery procedures have decreased to 90%, compared to the year before. And some operations had fallen out of fashion more than others.

Clients these days do not want extreme surgery, they like just to be tweaked and not tucked.  Extreme surgery stats. have declined.  Non-surgical alternative to traditional face lift is more accepted by our clients.

Clients do not like traditional face lift, as the end result is a puppet (over stretched) face.

According to the research conducted, the number of thread lifts had grown by 1165% compared to 2013. In my opinion though, thread lifts need more research and refinement.

The cosmetic surgery and injectables in market, in the UK are expected to be worth as much as £3.6 billion (according to the director of, Emily Ross). The largest growth seen in surgical section is in nose reshaping and breast augmentation. For eye bags and eye hoods, one needs to undergo surgery, is also at a steady pace on the rise.  Blepharoplasty (eye cosmetic surgery) and Botox (for facial wrinkles) for men, is gaining popularity as well.

The present moto in aesthetics is-“Aging is natural, but not looking your- age is optional”.

Upwards trends in non-surgical cosmetic treatment choices

All of our clients want the natural, fresh and youthful looks. People are going away from the cosmetic surgery to enhance their face, body and skin. People have realised that surgery is one off and with surgical risks, and it will be needed in the future again. Non-surgical nose job is on the rise by170% and lip augmentation cases have increased to 158%.

We at the clinic see the same trend. We are busy shaping and enhancing lips in the clinic. Over time skin and lips lose their proper shape. To bring back lips to their original shape, we have safest products to be injected. There is no preparation involved and you can get the treatment and get on with your routine.

Then there is another group of cases such as mole and unwanted growths removal, tattoo removal, warts, cysts and spider vein removal have increased in number.

More and more men are opting for Botox injections

This increase is to smooth out facial expression lines and wrinkles. As men, deserve to be gaining their looks, confidence and well being too. we see more of men coming to get Botox injections and thread veins treatments in the clinic.

Popular treatments for summer season

There have been increased requests for armpit Botox treatment, as water consumption causes excessive sweating.  Excessive sweating affects the same, both men and women. There is a non –surgical option as Botox injections. Then there is a surgical option for extreme cases. When one suffers from excessive sweating, it interferes with your routine and is a cause for embarrassment in public.  For this, one should get control over excessive sweating with the help of Botox injections.


Similar pattern is seen for thread veins and leg veins in both men and women, when it comes to summer holiday period. On holidays one wants to look perfect with smooth skin and legs. Any imperfections let you down. Help is at hand, we treat all types of veins and blemishes to give you smoother skin. This also includes unwanted hair and tattoos removal.

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