Prescription Medication

When your makeup and home care cosmeceuticals are not enough, then the prescription medication is needed in treating skin conditions, including ageing skin.

These can only be obtained through prescriptions. For that, you need a consultation with your provider and then get the prescription medication. It needs to be supervised by the professional, and you need to come for follow up visits.

They can vary from antibiotics to ointments and injections. In skin cosmetic treatments, they can be used in conjunction with home care. For example, the antibiotic medication in an acne case can be used with the skin peels, pulsed light treatments and cosmeceuticals. Then there is a prescription medication for discolouration of skin such as hydroquinone preparations of various strengths.

In the case of scar improvement, one may need laser treatment and injections to get the desired results. Hypertrophic and keloid scars are treated with prescription injections. For ageing/healthy skin vitamin A prescription preparation may be needed along with the laser/ light and skin peel treatments. It is not that simple as your cosmetic products; one must consult the professional before their use. One prescription is not suitable for everyone. This is very individual for each case to evaluate the side effects, complications, contraindications, and use duration.

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