Tattoo Removal

Are you having second thoughts?

We treat all types of tattoos to those that are professional, amateur and traumatic.

Different colours of tattoos need a specific type of laser.

We have a range of lasers to treat most colours.

All common coloured tattoos blue, dark blue, sky blue, green, yellow, and red can be treated.

The procedure is almost painless with our state-of-the-art laser. Only a slight sting is felt during the treatment. Soon after the treatment, there is some swelling and raised skin in the area. You will be advised to use sun protection on the treated area. You may require more than one session. It is a very convenient treatment you can get it done during your lunch break. Soon after the treatment, you can return to your normal activities.


Tattoo Removal – Laser treatment

Please note, all prices are inclusive of 20% VAT

Consultation – £30                Skin Test – £35

Tattoo Size One Treatment 
Small Tattoo (2″-3″) £45
Average Tattoo (4″-6″) £65
Large Tattoo (7″-10″) £85

*Other sizes will be quoted at the time of Consultation.