A review of our 13th successful year


The clinic has provided 22% more Botox treatments into the last year. We have found that clients who are long term users of Botox are happier. Botox is used to improve facial expressions, skin texture, a smoother and relaxed appearance.

On surgical procedures analysis, we have found 13% increase as compared to the previous year. Under this section we have treated a range of benign conditions, cosmetic eye lids treatments including doubtful biopsies for pathological testing. A range of growths appear on the skin over the years.  Last week only we treated a Lipoma, a big growth sits under the skin. Majority of the times it leads to disfigurement. This requires a surgical intervention.  Then the growths such as skin colour cysts, coloured moles, thick  firmly stuck scaly dry patches (develop as a result of long exposure to the sun),  Warts, Varrucas, non specific lumps, some skin glands grow in size including hair growth.

Then we have seen a constant and regular demand for unwanted hair removal   and types of skin conditions those lead to chronic redness on the face. The associated skin conditions found with Rosacea are Dermatitis, atopic dermatitis, Seborrheic dermatitis, acne, skin cancer, psoriasis and actinic keratosis. When Rosacea is associated with another condition, clients have found that their Rosacea symptoms get aggravated.  For a successful review and treatment you need o be seen by a professional, I cannot stress enough how important it is to get the right treatment.

There has been a steady shift from the fillers to resurfacing laser treatment as well. Resurfacing /C02  laser, or Acupulse is a very versatile treatment. It helps improve skin plumpness, revive stretch marks, to help minimise lines and plump out scars, to remove warts and verrucas , congenital  abnormal distribution of  epidermal/ dermal melanosis  and more.

Another area of growth at the Derby Skin Laser & Cosmetic Clinic is the body shaping, and skin fitness in appearance. We have seen more and more clients are getting away from surgical options of tummy tuck and love handles treatments. Instead, more are opting for non surgical skin tightening radio-frequency treatments. In this area we have seen 11% improvement at the clinic. Radio frequency heat treatment is a safe, quick and with no down time treatment. You can get the treatment done and just about your life as normal.

Last year had been a very successful year for both, our clients as well as for us the Staff at the clinic.

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