Acne skin and thick skin


Thick skin is a healthy skin but Acne Skin is not a healthy skin!


Acne is a spot produced in a gland in the skin.  Normally this gland is there to produce enough secretion to protect the skin surface. This gland is known as Sebaceous-gland, is also under the influence of hormones. When there is more production of Sebum, then it leads to a spot. Next is that the bacteria settle in, as they feed on Sebum.


The whole unit thus created is known as acne. If the skin pores are clogged and sebum has nowhere to go, it bursts into the deeper layers of the skin. And this vicious cycle keeps repeating and eventually this heals with a scar formation.


Having thicker skin means men can usually afford to moisturise less often and can get away with less care in day today.


But when one suffers with acne then the skin needs a prompt attention. The whole idea of attention is to keep the pore path open and any excess sebum should come out on the surface and does not go into deep layers of the skin. This will lead to less of sebum into the skin, as a result we avoid any scar formation. Once the scar is formed, we can only improve it. Skin does not like any injury, as it heals by scarring.


So we need to minimise the irritation as much as possible. So picking and pocking of spots is not recommended.


Use pharmaceuticals which keep the pores open and as a result sebum comes out on the surface.


Just wash your face twice daily, more washing will not help your acne face.


Do not pick on your spots to cause more injury to the skin.


Healthy and balanced eating is all you need.


Keep your towels clean and dry. Or use face tissues, as P. acne bacteria thrive in moist environment, and shift from towel to face and face to towel.


Seek professional help as soon as possible. Here the aim is to save your skin and do not let it get damaged by repeated break outs, and pile up of sebum and bacteria sitting on the skin.


Ideally, one should not use scrubs on acne skin. Again it reacts more vigorously to heal and seal, eventual resultant is a scar.


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