Anti-aging treatments make it easier to turn back the clock


Most facial volume loss occurs after the age of 40, although some people start noticing this change in their late 30’s. When this happens, areas of the face that were once full get depressed and are made more prominent by shadowing or darkening – making the face look older.

The safest filler to date are ones with Hyaluronic Acid, such as Restylane. The fact that fillers have unique advantages and disadvantages, it is important that clients discuss their expectations with their doctors to determine which procedure is best for them.
Clients who are not yet ready for anti aging treatments in a doctor’s clinic but want some improvement to their skin. Then one can have a consultation with the doctor for a suitable skin care product. There are as many skin types as the products types.

New laser technologies offer another alternative to rejuvenate the skin with fewer side effects than earlier lasers. For example, fractional CO2 resurfacing a newer technology that works by targeting a very small percentage of the skin during each treatment, improving the damaged area and resulting in less adverse effects and downtime for the patient.

There are other types of lasers they target thread veins, leg veins, unwanted tattoos and hair. Lasers are important tools in the armament for anti aging range of treatments.

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