Are you confused about what exactly you need for your skin?


The skin care market is on the increase and so are the treatments available. This is a result of our ageing population’s desire to hold on to a youthful appearance for as long as we can.

This category of products includes a vast array of products. Out of these it is important to understand the therapeutic active ingredients they contain to help your skin to provide the benefits. Some that deliver on their promises and others do not. Understanding their components and safety is important before you use them.

There are products that provide sun protection. Mostly these skin care products come under the umbrella of “Cosmecuticals”. The cosmeceuticals are derived when we needed to treat mature skin. Mature skin needs active ingredients (biologically active) that have science to support their mechanism of action.

Cosmecuticals are largely aimed at the demographic working to mitigate the visible signs of ageing, including lines, wrinkles, laxity of the skin, coarsening and discolouration of the skin. Benefits of cosmecuticals are to reduce the sun damage, reduce free radicals formation, improve the skin barrier, smoothing texture, and reduce the pore size, reducing lines and wrinkles and most of all to give you a brighter and even tone. The crucial point here is who needs what, how and when to use it. Then the question comes what exactly is the active ingredient that one needs to achieve their goal.

Next you should look for a professional who can figure out what your skin needs and what the cosmeceuticals contain to match the two to get the desired outcome. There are ingredients categories described as sun protection factor, antioxidants, matrix inhibitors, collagen and elastin producers, colour fighting agents and the stem cells technology.

It is paramount to match the client to the right type of cosmecutical, find out from the professionals.

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