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Hollywood laser treatment, is on offer  for stretch marks

Like Kim Kardashian has undergone laser treatment for her stretch marks on her breasts, you can improve your stretch marks too. We have laser and range of other treatments on offer for stretch marks.

Stretch marks are natural scars created by the wear and tear in the skin deeper layer by over stretching, sudden increase in volume and by constant friction. In the skin layers, deep dermis is the collagen production factory. To improve stretch marks we need to stimulate the fibroblasts cells in the area to produce more collagen. The new collagen starts filling in the gaps in stretch marks. Treatment option will be decided after a free consultation with one of our doctors.

The laser treatment is not a harmful light, but a safe and very precise light. You do not need to take time any off. There will be some redness for a few days.

The stretch marks should be dealt with early on when they are red. Once you finish with breast feeding then is the best time to contemplate stretch marks treatment.

Same laser treatment is suitable for stretch marks appeared as a result of loss of weight, when one had a sudden spurt in growth in a short period and in horse riding.  All these cases end up with stretch marks.

The idea and the treatment is the same for all types of stretch marks.  It is very important to use products at home after your sessions are finished, to keep the collagen production process active.

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