Are you fed up of skin blemishes?


Skin blemishes can present in many different forms as:

    • Blackheads
    • Whiteheads
    • Papules
    • Pustules (what many people call pimples).
    • Cysts
    • Nodules

Collectively all of the above is called Acne. The majority of blemishes appear on the face, but it can also appear on other areas of the body. Acne can appear on the back, chest, neck, shoulders, upper arms and buttocks.

Acne symptoms

Acne can cause more than blemishes. Studies show that people who have acne can also have:

    • Low self-esteem
    • Depression
    • Dark spots on the skin
    • Scars (permanent)

People who get acne cysts and nodules often see scars when the acne clears. You can prevent these scars by treating acne before cysts and nodules appear.

We at Derby Skin Laser & Cosmetic clinic have a range of options to treat all types of blemishes including scars.  We have treated a large number of cases over the years with different types of acne and acne scarring.

The gold standard treatment for Acne scarring is AcuPulse CO2 laser, which we offer at the clinic.

For a solution, book a consultation with us on 01332 297397.


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