Are you wondering where to start before having a cosmetic procedure/surgery?


As the medical technology is advancing so are the expectations of the consumers. People see what can be achieved, when they are living closer to the 24 hours media. There all the celebrities flashing on the screen, it is hard to avoid or not to see. This raises your expectations to improve your looks and appearance for the better. This is a positive effect on you as an individual.

First of all you need to establish, what exactly is your concern, what you want changing, who to seek for help, what exactly do you need to address as your concern about skin and body.

Therefore before you contemplate any type of cosmetic work done, you need to have a plan for a consultation visit.

The plan should include the following steps

1. Make sure that the procedure you are venturing into is for you and not for anyone else. If you want things changing and you are bothered by it, should be the only reason to go ahead with it.

2. As far as possible you can involve your surgery doctor in deciding where and who to go to. Your GP knows specialists in the area. Also your doctor will guide to the right specialist for your needs. If you are not comfortable telling your GP, that is also fine.

3. You must do your own research. Google is our best friend these days. Look for the list of the cosmetic specialists in the area, check their credentials, training, regulatory body they are regulated by, such as Care Quality Commission and their experience in the area of your interest.

4. For your peace of mind that you are making the right decision. Then compare with at least one other provider with similar experience and speciality. You have a right to ask about their qualifications and number of procedures or cases performed by them. This will give you some background knowledge about the provider. Also make sure they are insured providers to cover any eventualities.

5. How good are their after care services. It is equally important that they provide after procedure services know as follow ups. After care is an important part of the whole procedure to get the best results and services.


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