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Best Body Reshaping Procedure in your city!

Accent is the only RF platform to use Unipolar Technology which operates via a single electrode delivering concentrated RF energy to various depths within the skin.

Accent is the only treatment which is FDA approved for the face and body

Facts about Accent treatment are-

  1.  No other technology indicated for fat removal is cleared to treat the lower face.
  2. Best for body contouring, Accent is the only machine which can target 60cmsq in one go.
  3. Accent utilises 300w – cutting-edge compared to other platforms.
  4. No downtime and impeccable safety record.

It treats the following-

Loose skin, jowls, dull skin, shapes body, improves scars, improves stretch marks, love handles, double chin, shapes jaw line, shapes neck , improves de’colletage lines.

Best of all, Accent is the treatment to keep your face fresh and youthful looking!

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