Botox…Everybody’s doing it!


In the past, Botox was often regarded as one of those little cosmetic ‘tweaks’ that people treated themselves to as they approached middle age, as a way to combat the tell-tale signs of ageing. It was a treatment only provided by specialists and had an element of exclusiveness to it. As its popularity has continued to soar in recent years, we are now seeing that treatments like Botox are no longer just reserved for those elite few who want to banish the crow’s feet, wrinkled lips or frown lines that are as common as people age. In fact, it’s becoming much more of a maintenance treatment and one which people are starting not in their 40’s, but in the 20’s.

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With former X Factor celebrity Tulisa recently was admitting to having cosmetic procedures to enhance her appearance, what has contributed to this switch from Botox being a previously age-restoring treatment to one which now focuses on maintaining youth instead? One of the main reasons for this is the widespread availability of Botox treatments from all sorts of establishments; it is now possible for anyone, from your dentist to a salon worker, to administer Botox, and this availability has caused people to become a little desensitised to the fact that Botox is still serious business. You wouldn’t let anyone sort out your cracked tooth, or conduct an important medical procedure on you, but as it seems, people are happy to let anyone inject them with Botox!

We’ve all seen the scare stories in the press of Botox treatments that have gone wrong, and whilst there is always going to be a risk that a patient will have an adverse reaction to their treatment, the risks of complications can be greatly reduced by choosing the clinic and practitioner more wisely. It must never be forgotten that Botox remains a prescribed drug and should only be used by qualified medical professionals.

Price is often going to be a determining factor for people considering beauty treatments, but it is equally important, if not more important, to assess your options based on previous client reviews, quality ratings and even your gut feeling after an initial consultation. Quality practitioners and clinics will be happy to answer as many questions as you have and won’t pressure you into having a treatment unless you are completely happy and comfortable. Some of the best ones will actively encourage you to visit a few clinics first so that you can make a truly informed decision.

Remember, Botox is only the product; the treatment itself, the results, and ultimately your satisfaction with the end result is in the hands of the professional and the clinic. The choice of who to trust with this will always remain yours.

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