Daily tips to keep your skin younger looking


Pay attention to the following to keep your skin healthy

  • Right type of a diet
  • Detoxification of your body system
  • Improve on chronic inflammation, if you may have any
  • Pay attention to your impaired Immune system
  • Be aware of your hormones as to,  in what way they are affecting your skin and well being

 When to consult a skin specialist?

When all of the above have been taken care of/ tried and still not happy with your skin, then is the time to call Derby skin Laser & Cosmetic Clinic to book your complimentary consultation, on 01332 297397

Foods that will prematurely age you if you consume too much:

  • Animal fats;
  • Trans fatty acids, egg margarine;
  • Fried foods, roasts and braais;
  • Rancid nuts and oils;
  • Smoked and salted products;
  • Processed meats, salami and sausages;
  • White breads, cakes and biscuits;
  • Sugar, sweets and desserts;
  • Additives and preservatives;
  • Excitotoxins, eg aspartame and MSG; and
  • Excessive alcohol.

Include the following in your diet: will improve your skin health as well as your overall heatlth.

  • Freshly squeezed vegetable juice;
  • Sprouts and seeds;
  • Red grapes;
  • Yogurt and fermented foods;
  • Tomatoes and cruciferous vegetables;
  • Garlic, turmeric and ginger;
  • Sardines, salmon and fatty fish;
  • Soy products and tofu;
  • Sea vegetables;
  • Olive oil;
  • Beetroot;
  • Blueberries and cherries; and
  • Wheat grass and barley grass.

Happy times is girls’ time, gifts us with progesterone important to maintain youthful skin. In a progesterone deficiency, we produce too much cortisol, and excessive cortisol causes osteoporosis, aging of the skin, damage to brain cells, and the accumulation of fat, especially on the back and abdomen.

For more: www.longevitylive.com/5-steps-to-a-younger-skin/


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