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Surgery room at Derby Eye Cosmetic Surgery Centre in the Midlands

What is an eye cosmetic surgery?

When your eyes do not look their normal self, when your eye makeup is not doing what it is meant to do, your eye shadow is not sitting in the right place or there is extra skin gathers up there on your eye lids. This is the time when you need to seek help. It is time when you have eye hoods and eye bags visible on the face and they give away your age.

Is eye cosmetic surgery right for you?

It is your surgeon’s job to tell you if it is right for you after a thorough consultation and examination. At the same time you will be informed of what surgery can do for you to help you in making decision.

Who is the right person for this surgery?

The best person to go to for your cosmetic eye surgery, is an Oculoplastic surgeon, who is best suited and has the thorough knowledge of the speciality. At the same time he can check your eyes and knows best for the operation and eyes.

Can you get same results without surgery?

The answer is no. If your problem can only be corrected by surgery then it needs surgery. Again that will be decided at the time of consultation by your surgeon.

How much will the operation cost?

You will be given an estimate of the cost of your surgery after thorough check-up. The total cost has several separate components. For example it includes surgeon’s fee, cost of operating room and supplies and anaesthesia required in your case as an individual. To make it all inclusive and easy to understand, we can give you one price. This price will include all the follow up visits as well.

What do I do to get ready for surgery?

You will need time off to recover from the surgery, so get all your needs addressed earlier. Plan your time off from work.  If you are taking any medication such as aspirin and blood thinning medication, you need to stop those before the operation. Your surgeon will tell you again at the time of consultation. You may not like to go out when you are recovering from the surgery. Generally, recovery period needed is, more or less a week. It is less than a week in case of eye hoods removal.

Do I need special tests before the surgery?

If you are in good health and you plan surgery under  a local anaesthetic, you may not require any special tests. If there is any other associated condition, such as diabetes, your doctor may suggest tests or will refer to your own physician.

Do I need to tell people I have had surgery?

Cosmetic surgery is a very personal matter.  Only you can decide who should and should not know about,  you had  had surgery. Generally good surgeons recommend that you should discuss your decision with at least one person of your choice, it can be your spouse, your friend or your family member or your doctor.

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