Dermal aging and Anti-aging interventions of 2014


The global skincare market is predicted to increase in revenue from $79.3 billion, to a value of $102.3 billion by the end of 2018.

As the skin reflects the general inner health and perceptions of beauty in a person, more people are seeking interventions to retain youthful looks.

Aging is a complex process. Aging results in decline of body’s biological functions. This results in reducing skin’s ability to cope with the metabolic stresses of time.To maintain youthful looks, according to Dr Rani a simple programme is better than undergoing surgery and more invasive procedures. This programme consists of five steps-1. Smooth and fill/ volumise
2. Refresh/rejuvenate
3. Refine/ regenerate/ replace
4. Prevent/minimise the damage
5. Maintenance

Step one is to address dynamic lines, also called expression lines and fill in the- thinness or gaps created as a result of overstretched skin, over shrunk tissues and bones. It is carried out with Neurotoxin (Botox) injections and a jelly like substance to fill, called Hyaluronic acid or Restylane. Safe options are repeat treatments.
Then step two is to lift off blemishes, spots, dots, thread veins and sun damage, provided with the help of lights IPL and Lasers. Again these are repeat, safe and under one hour treatments.
Third step is the refine and renew the layers of skin with the help of skin peels. Skin peels can be mild, moderate and strong. Mild peels can be performed in half an hour. Moderate ones can have some down time to recover from these. The harsher ones will need more commitment from both the client as well as the provider.
The good thing about these treatments is that you do not have to choose them all to have your youthful looks. You can have one at a time and proceed to the next level. They are all affordable and within reach treatments, as oppose to the Hollywood stars’ treatments.

Step four is self explanatory, prevention is better than cure any day! To protect your skin keep away from sun, cover exposed parts and use anti-oxidants, Vitamin C, E, B3, SPF30 (physical) and DNA repair skin care and more.

Maintenance is the key to keep anything we need to work it harder or for longer. The above treatments are for maintenance as well to keep up your appearances.
They are safe in safe hands in fact all of the above treatments are safe when performed by professionals. In October 2013, a study in JAMA Dermatology found that the percentage of lawsuits from skin laser surgery performed by nonphysicians more than doubled from 2008 to 2011, calling into question the safety of some medspas.


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