Do you use home remedy for skin health and acne?


Do you use home remedy for skin health and acne? Be warned, not all home remedies are safe and work. Some of them give you a false result or a feel good factor only; others may harm rather than do any good.

There are risks involved in using the home care remedies and raw natural ingredients. They can harm your skin as they may not be suitable for the skin PH, may burn, discolour and lead to allergic reactions. When they are tested and prepared in the laboratories above all the factors are taken into consideration.

Then scientists/doctors have to test it for active ingredients and side effects. Then only it will be brought to market for human usage. There can be an active ingredient such as hydroxyl acids, mandalic acid, lactic, and citric acid present in a higher concentration to give you unwanted side effects.

For example fruit acids contain higher strengths of active ingredients and are not suitable for a direct contact with skin . Fruit acid skin peels need to be chelated/prepared before it can be used on skin. Then home remedies may not be suitable when you buy over the counter creams sold cheaper on a corner shop to treat your discolouration of the skin. It may contain mercury to bleach skin, at the same time mercury is toxic to the bodily functions.

There is a possibility that you may be allergic to one or more ingredients of a home remedy. People use various solutions to remove unwanted hair to colour hair and even to bleach hair. In the process skin gets indirectly affected and leads to roughness, discoloured spots, cysts andmilia formation .

In case of acne one can make matters worse when they apply row materials to the face. That can aggravate skin inflammation to make the matters worse. The reason is that not all of them have any scientific basis or an angle to explain the benefits.

Recommendation is that you consult a professional/doctor before using a home remedy !

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