Do you use sun protection with ingredient containing parabens? Think again!


Better to be safe then sorry when it comes to using skin care products including SPF/ sun protection factor
FDA is recommending  a ban on all ingredients suspected of as carcinogens, Parabens is one of them. It is found in majority of sun protections as well as in some cosmeceuticals as creams and skin cosmetic treatments.  It is absorbed through skin.
Parabens, which have estrogen-like qualities, are in most cosmetic and hygiene products including lotions, cleansers, and deodorants. Through these products, many individuals, particularly infants, absorb exorbitant amounts of this chemical. The average infant absorbs 766 micrograms of parabens per kilogram of body weight per day, which is about triple the amount that the average adult woman absorbs…. and for more on the topic follow the  link below-

We at the clinic use non- parabens cosmecuticals including SPF/sun protection factor.
Please call the clinic to find out more on 01332 297397 .


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