Do you want to look your real age in years?


Are you reluctant to take your photos, because you are not satisfied with your skin appearance?

You do not have to be that way!

Help is at hand in your local city, Derby.

According to a survey, people have a lot of dissatisfaction with their facial appearance.

76% people were found to be not happy with their photos taken.

32% of women did not agree to put their present picture on the social media and 27% of men did not go on a date.

Majority of them stated that aging has shaken their confidence. Nearly half of the group was not happy with their appearance.

Then the age group 30-39 year old women, found to be most unhappy about their looks/ skin appearance and aging signs on their face.

More important finding in the survey was that 25% of people admitted that they judge people the way they are aging. 69% of them said that they judge peoples age, based on the skin sagging, facial lines and wrinkles, hollowness on the face, wrinkly and weathered skin looks.

Most remarkable finding out of the survey was that 80% of people said that they would not opt for a surgical treatment option, to improve their appearance. When asked the reason for the decision then the risks and costs involved were the main factors preventing them from going to surgical route to get fixed their imperfections.

The good news of the whole survey was that 55% of people admitted to have the non -surgical procedures provided they do not look very different and with visibly changed features.

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