Follow up of a happy client with acne scar improvement


This is a typical case of severe acne scars on the face.  The middle aged lady has been treated in the clinic for some time now. Every time she comes for her follow up sessions she has a bigger smile on her face. Initially her skin was treated with skin peels followed by 3 surgical sessions. I was pleasantly surprised by the improvement this time. Her deep scar has become quite in level with the rest of her facial skin.

The good news is that no one has to live with these scars, as we have various treatment options available these days.

Sometimes the skin loses its underlying support and develops a wavy texture. Scars developed are called as depressed scars.  They are of three types- rolling scars, ice picks and box scars (deep and bigger).

There are effective treatments available for all types of scarring.

Rolling acne scars
These scars cause a wavy texture in the skin.

Boxcar acne scars
Often looking like large pores, boxcar scars cause boxlike walls to form on the skin.

Icepick acne scars
When these scars form, it looks like a tiny ice pick punctured the skin. Icepick scars leave deep pits with narrow openings.

The purpose of all acne scar surgery is to replace a large, deep scar with a smaller, flatter scar, which will be less noticeable and more likely to fade.  Almost all of acne scars are operated under local anaesthetic injections.

Acne scar surgical options Surgical options known as punch elevation, punch excision, incising scars under the skin. There are instances where one has to do a punch graft.

After your skin heals from the surgery your surgeon may treat smaller, flatter scars with laser skin resurfacing. This tends to make the scars even less noticeable.

Acne scar surgery remains one of the most effective treatment options for treating depressed acne scars.  Your surgeon can remove, raise, fill, and even separate the scar tissue from the underlying skin.  We do all varieties of surgery on acne scars on the premises at Derby Skin Laser & cosmetic Clinic.

There can be some down time of a few days after the surgery. You may need to come for more sessions to achieve greater improvement. Your surgeon can tell you how many sessions will be needed.

Non –surgical treatment options for acne scarring-

This can be laser resurfacing, chemical peels, micro-dermabrasion and dermabrasion and a dermal filler.

What is suitable for your individual case will be decided by the surgeon at the time of consultation.

For more information call the clinic on 01332 297397  and our knowledgeable  Staff will be able to help you.


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