Go for a Global Skin Rejuvenation


The goal of global rejuvenation is to give the patient a more youthful look by diminishing the signs of aging and the damage caused by years of sun exposure in both facial and non-facial areas.

Rejuvenation can effectively reduce wrinkles, treat sun spots, tighten loose skin, improve skin tone and color, remove blotchiness, and eliminate damaged blood vessels.

Each imperfection needs a different treatment. Lines and wrinkles need Botox and Fillers such as Restylane. The skin laxity can be treated with skin Tightening Accent treatment. Accent is a non invasive procedure with no down time involved.

Global rejuvenation eliminates uneven pigmentation that can occur in the skin when one area receives more sun exposure than other areas. Pigmentation can be treated by a number of treatment options. It can be a laser or a non laser. The Pixel Laser treatment deals with deeper (dermal) pigmentation such as Melasma and Chloasma.  Pigmentation can be as a result of waxing, tweezing, acne and acne scarring. One can develop pigmentation as a result of Tattoo removal, Hair removal or any other type of injury to the Skin.

Pigmentation can be treated with a range of treatments. What suits one may not suit others and vice versa, says Dr. Satya Rani. Some of the options available at the clinic are IPL/Lasers, Skin Peels (superficial & TCA obagi), topical medication and the home care.

In addition, patients request tissue tightening of loose skin and improvement of stretch marks.

Whatever is your Skin care need, we can help you at the clinic. Just call on 01332 297397


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