How to assess what is best for you surgery or a filler?


The answer lies with your past photographs.

One should be photographed in lying position to compare it to her/ his past photographs. If the difference is significant after the filler and muscle relaxing treatment then facial surgery will play an additional role to enhance the looks further. On the other hand if the photograph test shows little difference then it is better to continue with the non-surgical treatments – fillers, Botox, skin resurfacing (CO2) and skin tightening (accent) treatments. Obviously your primary concern is my focus to deal with.

To assess the role of surgery

There are times when filler treatments reach their limitations. Fillers are the jelly like substances required for providing volume to the different parts of the face. Evolutionary evidence suggests a fuller face gives the appearance of a youthful face. Fillers are needed at the onset of your facial concerns, early on. Therefore start as one step at a time. Fillers are generally the first choice when it is difficult to decide between the two. Safest choice of filler is Restylane, with a longest track record for safety. It should be given a few weeks to show the results after the treatment. Next will be a stage when filler and Botox are not enough and incorporate skin resurfacing to give excellent results. There is a further stage, when the area between the eye windows is not quite addressed by even larger volumes of filler. This is the time when the surgery option should be discussed with your doctor/ professional. At the same time the solution to plump out the sunken cheeks and thinner cheeks, filler is still the choice of treatment. Again the final assessment has to be measured with the previous photographs of the person and must be assessed by your doctor. At this stage it is a good idea when you go to see your aesthetician doctor to take your photographs with you. In addition to addressing your mid face concerns, cosmetic eye lids surgery will address the issues such as excess skin, enlarged lower eye lids, vision interruptions, unsightly eye bags, watery eyes, misdirected eye lashes, dark circles around the eyes and eye hoods.

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