How to avoid premature aging of your skin


The Skin Laser Cosmetic and eye cosmetic clinic in your local area, specializes in non-surgical skin rejuvenation procedures with minimal or no downtime. Their services range from treatment therapies, such as, injectable fillers to various Laser and light therapies.

What are the signs of aging?

Aging is an ongoing process commonly described as skin aging on the outside, soft tissue and hard tissue shrinking from underneath. The aging process leads to changed body and an individual’s appearance. Aging is precisely consists of shrinking of tissues and cellular changes taking place throughout our life. These are affected by external and intrinsic causes. Causes range from our environment to life style choices, hormones and genetics. All the factors combined lead to visible changes on the outside. The most visible signs are seen on the skin. As a rough measure, when your make up is not sitting quite right on your face, is the time when you should consult a skin cosmetic specialist.

What are the factors lead to aging?

Your skin is the very first and the largest organ in the body to show signs of aging. It requires your attention throughout life. In the early years of your life, you may be concerned with rough skin, dull skin, spotty skin, darker skin patches, and may be excess hair on the face and body. These are the signs of a growing up age skin. You can address all of these symptoms by consulting Dr. S Rani (M B B S ) at the clinic.   If we ignore the above signs and let nature take its on course, will lead to more skin damage and as a result skin will look different and will lack radiance. In to your thirties, it will again go thorough hormonal changes as a result of contraception and child bearing and other factors. In the process the first victim is skin, who bears the brunt of  your changes in health and environment. During Your advanced years, in addition to the above changes, the intrinsic changes start showing more signs of aging on the surface. As a result you will see skin is getting thinner, creepy, skin folds are more visible, dynamic wrinkles start showing more. Then the face seems to have more gravity effect in terms of tissues start sagging, face definition is not quite the same as it was in your youth.

The biggest factor playing a role in aging of our body/ skin is the sun. Dietary factors are equally important in skin aging. There are essential amino acids and micro-nutrients play a vital role in maintaining skin health.

How to prevent premature aging?

Skin health is best maintained by a good balanced diet. Then any blemishes, color change, any roughness and skin growths must not be ignored.  Do not ignore irritation on the skin, skin cuts and bruises. As ignoring the above can/ will lead to skin process go off the track and will lead to undesired changes.

Early and regular intervention of the right type that of a specialist is the key to keep signs of aging at bay.

What will the skin specialist do?

Your specialist knows the full skin anatomy, its functions and carries a number of tools to fix problems. There are a number of non surgical, at home, medicinal, surgical and other tools are carried by your skin specialist.

To name a few, skin tightening, wrinkle reduction, skin resurfacing, skin peeling, salt a peel, skin blemish bleaching treatments, laser rejuvenation treatments, and surgical options will be opted to treat excess skin, and fillers to improve deep lines. Hair removal by IPL and laser is the basic minimum needed to give you confidence and good looks.

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