Is it too cosmetic, to get rid of unwanted hair removal?


May be it is in the NHS, but certainly not at Derby Skin Laser & Cosmetic Clinic.

In fact it is a truly, life changing treatment!!

Woman with PCOS, who shaves three times per day, is refused laser hair removal treatment On NHS – Because It’s ‘Too Cosmetic’.

PCOS is a medical condition; it leads to excessive growth of hair, facial and other body areas. We have been treating unwanted hair of POCS cases for the last 13 years at the clinic. We have very many happy clients to our credit. One of my client, I still remember, a girl of 22 years of age, visited the clinic for facial hair. She was feeling very- very low on the day. When she was reassured that something can be done, then she started speaking a bit more. With each treatment session, her smile was getting better and she felt better within herself.  She finished treatments with us and then went on with her life as normal as she could.

One day she suddenly appears and asked my staff that she wants to see Dr. Satya Rani. Staff comes and informs me that so and so is here, requesting to see you. She waited for me and then I came out to meet her.  I was thrilled to meet her,  when I saw a big smile on her face and looking confident with a suit on.

Her message to me was “Satya thank you for what you have done to me, you are like my second mother to me. I have got a job, I do not feel self conscious and am confident in myself”.  That was the day when I learnt the true meaning of making difference to others lives through cosmetic hair removal treatment.

It is very important that you need to feel good in yourself to gain looks, confidence and well being. Unsightly hair on females leads to psychological consequences, such as isolation, depression, embarrassment, school absences and lack of self worth.

In addition to excessive hair growth, person develops other imperfections, skin colour changes, acne, ingrown hair, scarring, pigmentation, uneven colour and texture of the skin. All these symptoms further burden the individual with more psychological pressures. Then the person is in a vicious cycle and daily carrying the additional burden other than the usual life challenges.

We accept NHS referred cases at the clinic. You will be seen on the date and time you want. Similarly treatment can be started according to your convenience.

It is a safe and convenient treatment.  Please check more details on our web site:

Call the clinic for help on: 01332 297397.


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