Is your double chin letting you down?


Help is at hand!

The most effective, safest and non-surgical treatment – Radio-frequency FDA approved technology- is on offer in Derby, at Derby Skin Laser & Cosmetic Clinic.

Advancing years do change things subtly. We see the change only when we pay attention to ourselves. Things start to show up first of all on your skin. The underlying structures such as fat muscle and fascia all start to sag along with the skin. This combination of skin and underlying structures sagging, gives appearance of a double chin.

We also know what these structures are made off and what effect Radio frequency energy will have on the structures to (shrink) contract those. As a result things start shaping up and the disfigurement improves.

It is a heat treatment, you will feel like warm massage (like hot stone massage). It takes about half an hour to 40 mines to do the treatment.  It is not a treatment which gives you instant results (only possible with surgery). This requires a series of treatment sessions at a set interval.

This treatment is on offer at our clinic daily, six days a week. We have very many happy clients to our credit who are very- very pleased with the results. These clients are now regulars for maintenance treatments with us. This Radio Frequency treatment also treats saggy skin anywhere on your body. For example, upper arms wings, saggy tummy, wrinkly décolletage, flabby thighs, wrinkly face, jowls, love handles, cellulite and stretch marks.

There is another type of Radio-Frequency treatment, we have on the premises. This type is used to treat eye hoods and eye bags, papillomas, unsightly moles removal, Ptosis eye surgery, naevi removal, warts and varrucas removal, skin tags and benign skin growths removal, revise old scars, and tattoo removal by surgery.

In addition to the above we offer wide range of cosmetic treatment services here at the clinic including surgical treatments.  Treatments for redness, discolouration of skin, acne, scars, thread veins, leg veins, tattoo removal,  IPL & Laser hair removal, Skin improvement/rejuvenation, dark circles around the eyes, cosmetic filler treatments, full face non-surgical lift, hand fillers (to reduce visibility of hand veins), neck tightening treatments, décolletage colour and texture improvements and more.

Whatever may be your need, we are here to help you.

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