Joint cosmetic procedures venture – A beauty matching trend


What we knew about the competitiveness, use to be in the field of education and ability of individuals. In today’s world competitiveness plays a big role in looks too, it can be between friends, between work colleagues, partners and now it is playing between the spouses in looks,

Men are realising the importance of subtle maintenance of their face and body, with age.According to cosmetic experts working in the Middle East, a trend is emerging where couples go for cosmetic procedures and surgery together. Yes, it is happening!

In our clinic at Derby Skin Laser & Cosmetic Clinic, we do see more and more ladies are coming with their partners to address their well being.  Men ages 40 to 70 tend to want subtle changes, such as softening of wrinkles rather than eliminating them entirely. As it is a relatively new concept of individual looks maintenance for them, they initially go for one treatment, more often Botox injections or sun damaged skin improvement. Lasers can reduce the look of sun damage, such as brown spots, while non-invasive fat reduction treatments can help men to lessen their love handles or beer bellies, allowing for a trimmer, more fit physique.

When they see the positive effect of the treatment on their looks and well being then go for more of least invasive procedures.  For example, fillers are also popular to subtly enhance the jaw line, double chin or a small chin and droopy cheeks, giving a more defined masculine appearance.

Important point to remember- about fillers

Though fillers do not require surgery, but carries the significant risk. Filler treatment around the eyes can lead to blockage of blood flow to retinal artery, further leading to tissue death and blindness. When injected incorrectly then leads to blue skin in the area. Therefore it is imperative that you research your practitioner to ensure they are qualified and experienced also carry adequate insurance to cover you, should something go wrong.

I have seen the rise in recent years of men over 40 seeking out cosmetic procedures. Having cosmetic procedures they are realising the benefits of looking lively and younger in the competitive youth-dominating culture, of our time all around us. The important point to remember is to keep your looks natural with subtle touch-ups and with no downtime, says Dr. Rani. (Here down time means, having to take time off, to recover from the given procedure). The examples of such cosmetic treatments are- skin tightening, mole removal, skin complexion improvement, blemishes removal, hair removal, tattoo removal, cyst removal, lines and wrinkles removal, old skin injury scars improvement and more.

Mid –year non-surgical trends for 2015 revealed by, has released that 55% rise in non-surgical procedures in the last six months. Dermal (skin) fillers are at the top Fillers are used for lip enhancements nose contouring, and for deep lines improvement on the face. Then the tattoo removal shot up in demand by 88% for the same duration.

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