Liquid face lift that fits with your daily routine


It is a combination of simple treatments for the face. These treatments are called non-surgical procedures.

“Liquid face lifting” is a four step procedure.

First one is called Botulinum toxin injections

Second is the restoration of loss of volume with Restylane filler

Third is Skin peels to renew the skin layers

Forth one is the home care with pharmaceuticals.

Botulinum toxin should be used not only to treat the obvious lines but also to be used to release the muscles which give rise to the drooping of eye brows and eye lids. This is the treatment of choice for expression lines of the face.

Then in two weeks time filler treatment is considered after a thorough examination of the face for a loss of volume. This treatment will address the correction of contours loss of volume or hollowness on the face.  Another significant effect of hydration of the skin layers takes place from within and leads to skin tightening effect. The whole process of filler injection leads to new skin cells formation. The new cell formation gives the freshened up appearance to your looks.

In the third stage, skin peels, chemical solutions are applied to your skin. It leads to a process of denatured skin layers formation. In the subsequent days layers of skin come off and underneath a very fresh and red coloured skin layer appears. Newly regenerated skin layer is smoother and less wrinkled as compared to the old skin.

The final stage of liquid face lift is the skin care products- this stage is vital in further regeneration of new skin cells. This has less of an effect on the surface of the skin but it improves the flaccidity, skin tightening, firmness and moisturising. Home skin care regimen should be applied for at least three months after the peel to boost and maintain the results.  From here on an effective skin care should be carried out to continue and to enhance the benefits of a liquid face lift treatment.


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