Neck skin rejuvenation at Derby Skin Laser & Cosmetic Clinic


“Neck skin rejuvenation”

There are a number of issues need addressing at the same time, to give you a beautiful looking neck skin. Multiple treatment approach is the way to go for aging/ mature neck skin.
Your well hydrated skin will achieve better laser treatment results. This is a safe, measured and well controlled Laser energy.
Clients are usually able to see improvement in skin laxity with the first session. Then tightening of tissues continue for several months after the last treatment.
There is minimal down time, like weekend is enough to recover from it.
You may require 3-4 sessions of the Erbium-Yag laser treatments on your neck to get it healthier and taught looking. It is good as in this STP can be adjusted for individual needs.
Then at the same time you can have muscle relaxant injections for the prominent neck bands. A filler to enhance the looks in the same session for the loss of volume areas.

For appointments, please call the clinic on 01332 297397.


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