No Need for the Knife?


Non-surgical aesthetic treatments continue to be in demand through out the UK

We are all aware of the growth of advanced beauty treatments throughout the UK. The high street has increasingly become full of non-invasive beauty offerings such as anti-wrinkle injections (Botox©, dermal fillers), laser skin treatments and so on. However, is this growth positive one or not? Does this growth help you the consumers get what you want out of your beauty treatments?

This blog will look at this growth and touch on key statistics that have recently been published by expert researchers and publishers Keynote Publications Ltd.

Cosmetic and plastic surgery has always been popular throughout the UK with it now being a multi-billion pound business. The likes of Jordan (Katie Price) caused widespread exposure for this industry in recent years. Although many celebrities are scrutinised for their cosmetic surgery decisions, is what you see really all because they went under the knife?

2013 saw the advanced cosmetic and beauty industry become dominated by the non-surgical market, clutching a firm 33.7% of the overall advanced cosmetic market value. Although probably the most popular two in the media, facial surgery comes up second with 30.5% of market share and breast surgery coming in third at 25.7%.

This research released shows that although the media may think the recent transformation of the UK’s favourite tabloid celebrities are due to some serious investment in cosmetic surgery; this is not quite the reality.

Medical Aesthetics is dominating the advanced beauty market throughout the UK today and is seeing a consistent growth year upon year. If you choose the right clinic, the right specialist, anyone can achieve beauty transformations they have always wanted without even needing a needle too.

It is clear the anti-wrinkle injectable market is the leader in the non-surgical beauty treatments with it being in high demand. However, young looking skin does not always need needles.

Skin laser treatments have advanced dramatically throughout years. Choosing the right clinic with true medical professionals you can see scars, acne and wrinkles all disappear over a course of safe skin laser treatment.

So… although it seems cosmetic surgery is the answer to those celebrity transformations, you now knows that this is not always the case. You now know that it’s not just the celebrities with lots of money that can benefit from these advanced beauty treatments. You can too!

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