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Dear clients you must be busy with X-MAS preparations, at the same time prepare your skin for those parties to enjoy your 2014 Christmas time!

  Treatments to brighten up your skin

 There are number of treatment options that can improve your skin roughness and complexion.

First and the easiest is, for just freshening up your skin for a brighter face, get some hydroxy acids preparations to be used at home. Then use preparations to further improve skin texture, book 3 skin treatments in the clinic (ideal number before X-Mas). These are higher percentage hydroxy acids (only meant to be handled by professionals) applied to the skin under supervision to minimise any negatives and reactions. These can be built around your day today activities and do not need any time off work.

If you do not like the above then you can have salt a peel with ultra sound treatment option. In this build up of your useless skin keratinocytes will be lifted to bring up the active epidermal keratinocytes on the surface, to give you an instantly fresher skin.

 Camouflage treatments for instant improvement

 Once the fresher skin is achieved then we need to look for further improvement areas. For that minimise the upper facial imperfections. These can be frown lines in the middle of your eyes, forehead horizontal lines, going from one side of the forehead to the other side and they sit as waves on the forehead. Another area for instant improvement is the lines around your eyes that can be improved relatively instantly. Treatment options can be, Botox cosmetic injections, fillers or both. Filler is a jelly like substance such as a Restylane. Botox and filler treatments only take 2-4 days to show you full results. It is recommended that you get the above treatments well before your party or an occasion, so that in case of any temporary bruise(if at all it happens), then it should not spoil your day.

Next recommendation is a scar camouflage, is done with fillers.  The idea is that to make the scarred skin smoother, in turn more light is reflected back to your eyes for a better appearance.

 IPL and laser treatments

 Any irritant, like proud thread vein, redness, warts, moles, skin tags and coloured growths, lentigenes, mottled décolletage, liver spots, angiomas, spider veins, thread veins and many more can be improved within days. Unwanted hair removal is another treatment you can have a few days before your festive engagements and gives you improvement when required.

Surgical treatments- with instant improvement and recovery is less than a week.

 Lumps and bumps (lipomas, syringomas, stye, cysts, eye lash problems only take a week or so to show you the results.

 Our festive season offers to you –         

You get 10% off, on all treatments including non – surgical and surgical till 31st December 2014.

(Terms and conditions apply). Please quote: OFFERS code- 1114.

 Bookings can be made via email info@derbyskinlaserclinic.co.uk or you can call 01332297397.

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