Popular cosmetic treatments during winter season


I have just finished leg veins treatment this afternoon.  Winter season is a good time to get your unsightly leg veins treated.  Also hair removal treatment is very popular during winter months.

Leg veins treatment is a non surgical treatment with Laser and IPL, just flash the light on the type of veins. Blue veins are deeper where as red colour ones are superficial and are first to go. These will be treated with the pulse light and sometimes is a combination of the two types of light treatments.

It is a safe treatment requires repeat treatment sessions. This is all built in with your routine. There is no need to take time off. Visible results are slow to come , therefore plan early, to bare your legs for summer holidays.

Another very popular winter season treatment is of eye lids surgery. This week we have done two cases of four lids eye cosmetic surgery treatments. They are very happy clients with redefined eyes to celebrate Christmas in style.  Eye lids cosmetic surgery is again a surgery performed under  local anaesthetic.  For this you need some time off as there will be some bruising that takes a few days to get absorbed by the body system. In the festive season people make use of their holidays to recuperate at home.

Top ten popular treatments in 2013

Then Varicose veins treatment, costs £369, 193 increase
Electrolysis, costs £25, 189 per cent increase
Mesotherapy, costs £208, 164 per cent increase
Laser lipolysis, costs £460, 161 per cent increase
Dysport,  153 per cent increase
Facial thread veins treatment, costs £81, 133 per cent increase
Non-surgical nose job, costs £282, 99 per cent increase
Non-surgical facelift, costs £227, 93 per cent increase
Dermal fillers, costs £160, 93 per cent increase
Skin tightening, costs £1,412, 80 per cent increase

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2526362/Vampire-facials-varicose-vein-ops-biggest-cosmetic-surgery-trends-2013.html#ixzz2nwalXCqs


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