Prepare yourself now, for party times ahead- Remember, skin takes time to show results!


At the Derby Skin Laser & Cosmetic Clinic you find a wide range of aesthetic treatments to give you the looks, confidence and well -being you deserve.

Whatever may be your needs –You need one stop clinic in your local area, with us-

Your concerns may be any of the following-

  • Treat your sun weathered skin
  • Improve your eye imperfections
  • Deal with your gravity dragged down face
  • Smooth out those expression lines
  • Smooth out the cellulite to fit into your party dresses
  • Make your skin more radiant
  • Improve your skin texture
  • Get rid of unsightly growths on your face
  • You may just want to boost your confidence as a whole
  • You may be looking for a freshen up look
  • May be those unsightly stretch marks let you down
  • You might have lost volume or a fuller face appearance
  • May be looking for some cosmetic treatment, but do not know exactly, what you want
  • Acne skin lets you down
  • Acne scars do not let you put the foundation of your choice
  • You want to improve your tired facial expression
  • You may be fed up of the tattoo you had for years
  • Unnecessary hair growth is your problem
  • You are suffering from redness of sort, on your chest
  • You have developed some red thread veins on your face
  • You have a skin, where the colour of your skin is not in the right place and not of right colour
  • You may be a male person, daring to go for some cosmetic treatment, do not know, what exactly?
  • May be you have been turned away from the NHS, for your problem

You simply may be struggling to find the right type of moisture for your dry skin

OR may be, you are simply struggling to find the right type of clinic suited to your needs

We are here to help you whenever you need us.

Please contact us on 01332 297397

Book before Halloween and get 10% off your new treatment.


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