Recent press coverage of fillers


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Recent press coverage of fillers

Last week the Times newspaper published a series of very relevant articles on fillers. Briefly, the issues were related to the use of PERMANENT fillers and the problems associated with them. A filler called Bio-Alcamid was specifically mentioned with a number of clinics having used it with many problems. The articles also criticised the use of fillers by non medical personnel as beauticians and lack of regulation of clinics. Another article reported that one in ten cosmetic surgery clinics vanished within 3 months of advertising its operations. Criticism was also made of the fact that when one goes to a chain clinic, one may be treated with a different practitioner every time. It emphasised the need that the client should be seen by the same practitioner, and not merely the same practice.

We wish to confirm the following to our esteemed clients

    1. We have never used permanent fillers as we knew the problems associated with these as have been reported in presentations in international conferences for a number of years. We have consistently relied on Restylane fillers which have had the longest track record. This filler is also approved by FDA for use in the US. We have not had any of the problems reported in the press with the time tested and FDA approved Restylane. We have not been swayed by larger profit margins possible with other fillers.


    1. We have always believed that the injections must be given only by trained medical staff. In our clinic, the injections have only been given by Practicing NHS Consultant Mr S Chawdhary, MD, FRCS after taking a comprehensive medical history. The continuity of care is meticulous as the same surgeon sees and treats the clients every time.


    1. Our premises are certified by the Care Quality Commission and are regularly inspected by them.

Our staff regularly attend reputed international scientific conferences such as IMCAS meetings in Paris and New Delhi, American Society of Oculoplastic Surgery  and American Academy of Ophthalmology meetings in the US, to keep abreast of continuing trends of safety and scientific knowledge.

We firmly believe that our clients deserve nothing but the safest and the best.

Regarding the inadequacy of the CE mark which the press articles have only started to notice, Mr Chawdhary had written a hard hitting article emphasizing this way back in 2000, in the scientific journal Eye, copies of this article can be seen in our clinic.

We also confirm that we have never used PIP breast implants.

Any queries on these issues are very welcome from our valued clients on: 01332 297397.


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