Rejuvenate you neck – because it is as important as your face


Rejuvenation can effectively reduce wrinkles, treat sun spots, tighten loose skin and improve skin.

Excessive sun exposure on the neck can result in blotchy pigmentation and erythema, or redness.

Here are the following options to treat and rejuvenate your neck-

1. The use of a potassium-titanyl-phosphate (KTP) laser can target the redness and reduce the uneven pigmentation. This treatment may require five to six treatments to achieve lightening.

2. The use of botulinum toxin (Botox Injections) can soften horizontal lines on the neck, providing a smoother appearance. These results are temporary and often require three to four treatments per year to maintain the appearance.

3. Non-ablative (Pixel laser) is a fractional laser treatments are non-invasive laser procedures that penetrate deep into the skin, leaving the surrounding skin unaffected and intact, thereby allowing for the surrounding, healthy skin cells to assist in the healing of the damaged cells. Generally four to six treatments are required to obtain the desired improvement. These procedures can reduce persistent wrinkles on the neck and provide tissue tightening for a more youthful appearance. They do not replace the need for the more invasive neck lift procedure in patients with prominent neck sagging or jowl formation.

4. Rejuvenation improves the skin tone and color, remove blotchiness, and eliminate damaged blood vessels.

Skin rejuvenation eliminates uneven pigmentation that can occur in the skin when one area receives more sun exposure than other areas.

5. Home care is again a vital part of the skin rejuvenation it keeps your collagen layer (deeper skin layer) active to maintain  a fresher look.

    • The most commonly requested non-facial areas for rejuvenation are the neck, chest, arms and legs.

In addition to rejuvenation clients request tissue tightening of loose skin and improvement of stretch marks. The treatment of choice we provide is a non- invasive ” Accent treatment” with good results. We have a good client feed back on this too .

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