Say good bye to a successful year 2014 at Derby Skin Laser & Cosmetic Clinic


Staff at Derby Skin Laser & Cosmetic Clinic is happy to announce that we had a very successful year at the clinic. This strengthens resolution of all the members of our Staff to look forward to the New Year 2015.

Good news – Is that we are in line with the latest study with our performance and results.  studies conducted by an American university has found that non-surgical minor procedures, also called as cosmetic and aesthetic procedures are EXCEEDINGLY SAFE!  Another study tells that they are equally safe for the older men and women.

About the study one – It is based on thousands of aesthetic procedures performed across the USA. This involved cosmetic fillers, Botox cosmetic injections, laser and light treatments, skin refreshing, skin rejuvenating and radio frequency treatment devices are very -very safe.  This research was conducted by North-western University and published in JAMA Dermatology Journal. This is believed to form the first major study to analyse the number of adverse events (side effects), among tens of thousands of cosmetic treatments/procedures, across the USA.  Research came from the results of 20,339 procedures conducted by 23 board certified dermatologists at the eight centres around the country, over three months, and staggered across seasons.

Message to our clients –“If you are thinking of getting one of these procedures you are NOT indulging in something drastic or a high risk”, said professor Murad Alam, a member of the university’s dermatology department.

“The take home message is these procedures are very safe and can be mixed and matched to give the individual a significant cosmetic benefit, rather than getting one big cosmetic surgery or a procedure that might be risky”.

Study Two – This comes at the same time, as research presented by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons at a conference in October 2014, showed that older men and women have no more complications than younger clients when undergoing cosmetic procedures. This comes after an extensive review of information from May 2008 to May 2013 from the CosmetAssure data base. Given the greater -than-average presence of health-related indicators among older people, similar complication rate is surprising. Complication rate averaged 1.84% in younger people as compared to the average rate of 1.94%, in older men and women.

Treatments- These are also known as lunch time and minimally invasive treatments. They are mole removal, warts removal, discolouration of skin, pre-mature aging skin, dehydrated skin, dull skin,  thick scaly and coloured growths on the skin, acne scarring, acne prone skin, sun damaged skin, aging skin and aging face with lines and wrinkles. Majority of conditions such as aging skin, dark spots and patches and acne marks can be treated at home with very little expense.

What can go wrong? – Side effects majority of them are temporary.  Mostly they are temporary bruising, redness, swelling, bumpiness, uneven appearance and discolouration. They clear up on their own and occurred in less than 1% cases. Our results at Derby Skin Laser & Cosmetic Clinic match with this study.

Finally, remember the above facts apply to safe hands of professionals only!

I am also glad and proud to enumerate the reasons of our success (of the last 12 years) are as follows-

  1. 100% credit goes to our new and repeat clients, they like what we do and they want to come for more and do not wish to go anywhere else.
  2. Our clients are informed and consulted in detail, if needed more than one consultation. So they adhere to their commitment to play a part in the success of their treatment outcome.  Our clients precisely follow the instructions before and after the treatment as well as they attends to follow up appointments.
  3. Our Staff puts in their 100% in smooth running of the clinic. There is no gap in the services and deliver 100% every time day after day.
  4. We work hard to achieve results, by analysing data and constantly monitoring procedure
  5. Results on paper as well as with our clients’ feedback.
  6. We are professionals and cannot afford cut corners on client safety.
  7. We keep a hand on the pulse of cosmetic treatments’ world of professional developments and innovations.
  8. We invest heavily in educating and training ourselves to deliver, what our clients are proud of as results.

Hence we are the leaders in cosmetic procedures in the Midlands!

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