Skin aging is an evolutionary and modifiable process


21st century is perhaps a culture of youth. We are bombarded by constant reminders in every facet of our lives. It is equally true, however, that in Western societies the proportion of the population attaining old age is increasing.  A disparity is therefore inevitable between the values deemed desirable by society; the values that equate youthfulness with desirability, sexuality, beauty and success; and the actuality of an aging population.

Preconceived image of a personality characteristics and more positive life experiences; they also receive preferential treatment in social interactions. The way one perceives oneself is to some extent determined by how one is perceived by others, while one’s own behaviour is in like fashion governed to some extent by reciprocal behaviour.  Then there is a reality of getting old comes to us all eventually.

The very visibility of the skin, the emotional significance of personal touch, and the symbolic meaning of skin to the individual make its changing appearance a crucial element in this disparity. In our society, there are great social advantages to being perceived as physically attractive.

The good news is that this disparity between the value of a youth culture and the realities of an aging population is narrowing down all the time. Skin cosmetic treatments have bridged the gap to a large extent.  On the other hand also we know that Inner beauty of aging comes with very many advantages in the form of maturity with a wealth of life time experiences.

To treat aging skin, an array of treatment options available. We offer options, to treat skin sagginess, imperfections, skin laxity, skin tightening, pigmented naevi, actinic dermal lesions, sun damage, deep lines or skin rhytides and volume replacement. Aging is an all round process. It reduces the thickness, plumpness, elasticity of the skin along with the shrinkage of the underlying tissues.

With 13 years of experience in the aesthetic treatments, Dr. Rani says, “improve your skin and you get your self esteem coming up all the time and you feel more confident by the day”.

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