Skin care treatments to a new level


New concepts are coming all the time, the latest one is that we have products to repair skin DNA over a period of time with regular use. Then moisture is not needed for some skin types, exfoliation is bad for your skin with abrasive materials, repair the skin deeper to see fresher skin on top. What type of treatment is needed for your skin, you may know or you may not know.

For today’s skin concerned clients it is confusing what to use, what treatment to go for, as there are so many treatments and products/cosmecuticals on the market to make any sense of it all. You buy treatments and products but it may not work, not be suited to your skin, you may not like the skin treatment, you may be allergic to it or cannot tolerate it, it may not have helped you and so many other issues. Then do you really need any treatment or require a home care product or just correct advice, or may be your skin care regime need a check reassessment.

For all the answers to your skin concern, we invite you to our open day on the 24th Jan.

Please check the details on our web site or call the clinic to find out more or book your appointment on 01332 297397.


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