Skin Sun damage continues even after dark


Much of the damage that UV radiation does to skin occurs hours after sun exposure, a team of Yale-led researchers have concluded in a recent study

Douglas E. Brash, clinical professor of therapeutic radiology and dermatology at Yale School of Medicine and his co-authors first exposed mouse and human melanocyte cells to radiation from a UV lamp. The radiation caused a type of DNA damage known as a cyclobutane dimer (CPD), in which two DNA “letters” attach and bend the DNA, preventing the information it contains from being read correctly. To the researchers’ surprise, the melanocytes not only generated CPDs immediately, but continued to do so hours after UV exposure ended. Cells without melanin generated CPDs only during the UV exposure.

This finding, pulished in Science Journal, showed that melanin had both carcinogenic and protective effects. “If you look inside adult skin, melanin does protect against CPDs. It does act as a shield,” said Brash, also a member of Yale Cancer Center. “But it is doing both good and bad things.”


Solutions for to deal with the skin sun damage

According to Dr. Satya Rani, There are cosmecuticals, provide DNA repair and there are range of skin cosmetic treatments available to improve your skin’s sun damage.

The latest in the armaments against the sun damage of the skin is for DNA repair cosmeceuticls, available at Derby Skin Laser & Cosmetic Clinic in the Midlands. Then we have a range of skin laser treatments at the clinic.

Skin laser resurfacing treatment improves most of the signs of aging including the sun damage imperfections visible on the skin. Dr. Satya Rani’s patients deserve a personalized treatment plan when they seek out cosmetic enhancement. Satya suggests that due to the range and versatility of laser skin resurfacing, optimized aesthetic results can be delivered for an individual for his or her skin care needs. The most important factor Satya notes, will be choosing a physician with extensive training in the latest advances in laser technology and an appreciation of a person’s needs and goals. The skin care treatments umbrella covers a range of imperfections such as, facial thread veins, discolouration, melasma, pigment problems, actinic keratosis, benign skin growths, sebaceous cysts, lumps, viral skin conditions, skin thinning, facial volume loss, loss of skin elasticity, enlarged skin pores, acne and many more.

Skin lasers and resurfacing lasers provide you a youthful look throughout, when you start regular skin resurfacing/ rejuvenation treatments. In addition to laser resurfacing, other treatments may be incorporated to maintain your healthier skin and more youthful looks.

Satya indicates, the fact is that laser skin resurfacing offers a minimally invasive way to achieve plumpy and refreshed skin with minimal downtime. This skin treatment can be provided alone or may be combined alongside, with other rejuvenation techniques. For example to treat skin complexion, facial volume loss with Restylane to treat deep lines and superficial or fine lines.  Then it may be combined with Botox (wrinkle injections). Finally the most important thing one should consider says Satya, is whether your treatment provider physician has plenty of experience in skin resurfacing procedures and the right type of tools to do it. You must do your home work and then proceed with the treatments. Remember this treatment is for you, for improving your looks and you must not compromise on safety for your health.

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