Tattoo Regret: A growing symptom that should not get you down


Today tattoos are something of a common nature. We expect to see them and the growth in that market has risen dramatically as more young people invest their money on tattooing themselves.

However, recent research has shown that by the time you hit 30 years of age we are more likely to regret inking our bodies than be happy with it. The popularity of tattoos has been matched with the high prevalence of “tattoo regret” has caused millions of patients to seek tattoo removal.

One of the most common removals is ex partner’s names. Recently movie and TV star Melanie Griffith was seen getting her ex Antonio Banderas name removed from her arm proving this treatment is becoming common across all ages too.

Laser tattoo removal has become one of the most popular treatments within the Aesthetics community and stamped itself as the only true answer to unwanted tattoos. Endless success stories prove that laser tattoo removal can remove tattoos to completion without scarring or burns.

However, although this has become a popular treatment across the aesthetics industry it is important to work with a clinic that has a track record and medical staff. Below are three things to do before purchasing a tattoo removal procedure:

1. Price does matter: If someone is pushing on you cheap offers and cheap deals I would run! In this case, what you pay for is exactly what you get. Cheap lasers are not what you want to be used on your body and although competitive pricing is fine, cheap lasers are not.

2. Look out for reputation: When investigating about having a tattoo removed, you want to make sure you find a reputable dermatologist, medical aesthetic clinic or Doctor to avoid any bad experiences. Recommendations are always good and finding someone who has case studies to prove their work would be a good choice too.

3. Watch out for false promises: If a clinic is promising you the world and not managing expectations be aware. Tattoo removal is not something that is complete with one or two treatments. It will take time and in some cases up to two years to get the full effect. So the key thing is watch out for those promising the world in short spaces of time.

Derby Skin Laser and Cosmetic Clinic were one of the first medical clinics in the Midlands area to specialise in skin laser treatments 15 years ago and have built a reputable, trustworthy aesthetics clinic in this time.

If Laser tattoo removal is something you are considering give us a call for a free consultation with Dr. Satya Rani and put yourself in safe hands!

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