Transformation of looks at Derby Skin and Cosmetic Clinic


Is there any age or occasion to transform your looks?

Well according to our clients, there should not be any riders on feeling and looking good and live beautifully.

We have done a survey at our clinic of our clients, who are our regulars. 86% of our clients have said that one should not wait for feeling good and appear their best.

The above clients have been treated by Dr. Satya Rani over the last 12 years.  Cosmetic procedures range from skin blemishes, hair removal, tattoo removal, acne improvement to skin renewal and skin resurfacing.  Over the years more and more cosmetic treatments are being performed at our clinic. Our clients have faith in us for what we do. Faith comes from being honest and frank with our clients. Once they have seen our working and results then they opt out for more treatments to better themselves. Once the skin looks good they go for Botox injections to relax their expression lines on the forehead, around the eyes, lip lines, lines around the mouth and more.

Once clients witness cosmetic benefits for themselves then they become bolder. There is nothing wrong in improving one’s self to boost your self confidence, says Satya.  We all live in the times when science and medicine are innovating new treatments in the cosmetic field.  We as doctors are given more tools to provide a wider range of cosmetic – aesthetic and surgical treatments.

Here is an example of a celebrity Tulisa’s before and after images, who has transformed her looks at a very early age.

Before After
article-2670606-1F254DB700000578-322_308x425.jpg article-2684444-1F799C6900000578-144_306x423.jpg


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