Treat your partner this Valentine’s with an appearance enhancing treatment


Change in appearance and quality of life both get an impact of the aging process. As a result psychological well-being and social well-being are affected. This vicious cycle leads to a lack of confidence and there starts a downward spiral in one’s life.

This chain of events to extent can be avoided/ made bearable with an extra help from outside. This help comes in the form of aesthetic cosmetic treatments. These treatments address majority of aging changes take place in a human body.  On the face we at the clinic address skin, crow’s feet, eye brows, forehead lines, marionette lines, cheeks enhancement, deep lines, wrinkles, eye hoods and eye bags correction, lines from nose to lips, lower face and jaw line shaping,  lip enhancement and shaping, chin and neck treatments.

For the lower part of the body majority of people come to the clinic to shape up their bums, thighs, abdominal bulge, or waist shaping. All these improvements lead to body image change for the better. It leads to a person’s physical, social, sexual and psychological well-being.  Some would want to improve on the birth marks like, port wine stains, strawberry marks, coloured skin abnormalities, excessive hair growth and other unsightly growths.

The good news is that majority of these treatments are day time and some are with instant results to boost your confidence.

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