Treat your skin this Valentine with self-help!


Treat your skin this Valentine with self-help!

Replenish and renew your skin at home

  • Eat Green leafy vegetable
  • Keep sufficient intake of Vitamin D
  • Practice Yoga
  • Sufficient intake of range of B Vitamins
  • Daily dose of Omega 3

Just like “Suffering is natural and happiness is optional”, “Aging is natural and looking aged is optional”

Our Skin is an independent and the largest organ of our body though, it has a direct relation with our mental state, physical state and our surroundings. Skin gets affected by our hormonal imbalance, anxiety, depression, and other factors. The connection is through neurotransmitters and our hormones. When one is in a constant state of flight and fright, skin looks dull as a result of release of hormones and nervous system is on the alert. Skin gets into a vicious cycle

The first step you can take to help your largest organ is to provide it with the essential nutrition, that keeps your body and skin in balance and healthy.

L-theanine, is an amino acid commonly found in green tea extract. It is the precursor to the neurotransmitter GABA, which reduces physiological responses to stress and calms the nervous system. It also has properties that offer protection against environmental neurotoxins. Viridian make a good quality l’theanine supplement.

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