Unisex skin and cosmetic treatments


Unisex skin and cosmetic treatments

Over the ages beauty treatments have been for the females only, but not anymore.

We have seen men coming for treatments more and more.  In our clinic, we see more and more male clients come to maintain their looks. Hey ladies, it is exciting for us all that men have started to pay attention to their skin appearance and want to know what can make them more presentable and how to deal with the skin and aging issues to postpone signs of aging.

Male skin contains more oil glands to give it its thickness. Men are more concern about more obvious imperfections such as Acne, Acne scarring, in-growing/in- grown hair (change into cysts), thread veins, sun damage, roughness, dense hair growth on the face (do not want to shave daily) and  teenage acne scarring.  Middle age men are regular clients in large numbers, for Botox for prevention of expression lines  becoming deeper, for excessive sweating and migraine.

Male clients want to shape their thinning face with juvaederm (a filler), to plump out to the previous shape. People have old injury scars for years, and want to improve them. For old scars we offer CO2 laser resurfacing treatments. Men are less into pampering, they want something results driven. Men also buy skin care and medication to improve their skin. The myth, that men do not like putting lotions and potions on their skin, is a thing of the past. Male attitude to the skin care has changed. I have Youngsters, middle age 65 years to 85 years of male clients come to the clinic to improve themselves.

Some are being bothered by their grand children and they comment on their tattoos and hair, hence book for tattoo & hair removal treatments. Some male clients simply want to improve their dry skin to look smoother and fresher.

Men tend to go more for non-surgical treatment options. But if the surgery is the only option then they do not hesitate in taking time off for the procedure. Majority of men go for eye lids cosmetic surgery to look younger than their actual age.

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