We treat skin conditions/cosmetic what NHS says no to!


We treat conditions/cosmetic concerns, what NHS says no to!

Every so often clients visit my clinic and say that they had been to their doctor. But the doctor did not address their skin/eye concerns as a result of NHS budget is getting less and less all the time it is a common knowledge these days.  Certain non-essential conditions as listed below are turned away by the busy surgery doctors all the time.  But the person concerned is not happy and his or her concern is lowering their confidence. As a result, they get low mood, it may lead to stress, anxiety and depression.

The good news is that we have been providing the service to the people in the Derby area for the last 12 years. The list of skin condition we treat,  is not an exhaustive list, but majority of the conditions listed here are not entertained by your GPs. To name some – Acne , Actinic-keratosis, Benign skin growths, birth marks, box and rolling scars, Chloasma, Ice pick scars, Keloid and thick scars, Melasma, punch grafts, PIH, unwanted moles, skin lumps including Viral warts and verrucas and xenthalasmas.

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We also provide eye care services for those, who do not want to wait on the NHS waiting list any longer, for their eye problems!  

We have a provision for an early appointment for a consultation with an eye surgeon (Also an Oculoplastic surgeon) at your convenient time and date.  Today I met one person whose two older sisters are waiting for a cataract surgery on the waiting list and are not in their best of forms to enjoy life to a max.   We offer services for eye consultations, cataract surgery, diabetic eye conditions, dry eyes, eye brow lift, eye hoods and eye bags removal, eye check up, chronic Stye eye, eye cysts, , itchy eyes, watery eyes, eye lash problems, glaucoma, Squint correction surgery, visual defects and other ocular (eye related) conditions.

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