What is a cooling off period in skin cosmetic treatments and cosmetic surgery?


Treatments considered “cosmetic” include everything from unwanted laser hair removal to anti-wrinkle injections, eye cosmetic surgery, lumps and cysts removal, to breast and body treatments. A common understanding of (general public) clients is that cosmetic procedures are low risk.  With that thinking they want to transform their lives with relative ease and in short space of time and expect transformations.  This is the common belief about cosmetic skin, eyes, face and body cosmetic treatments. But be warned, they should not be taken lightly

When you visit a professional/ doctor then the actual details are understood. A professional will explain the procedure in detail, what can be achieved, what is not possible, what can go wrong at what stage,  also will tell you about your role in the success of the treatment and most important is to set your expectations in line with factual information parted to you by the professional.  A professional will need client’s help in attending all the follow ups recommended to achieve successful results. That is why in our clinic we need to consult each and every client in person. This is called as a first consultation or a fact finding consultation. Then clients should ask their provider about their experience and qualifications, who will be the person in charge of their case. Then who will carry out your follow up appointments, if there are any complications, then how those will be dealt with and by whom.

Next is, clients are advised to think over the given information and decide on the treatment. Clients need to satisfy that all their questions have been answered and want to proceed with the treatment, and then this is the time to book for your treatment with a professional. The time given to clients by their doctor from the first consultation till clients are ready to decide to go ahead with the treatment is the time known as a “cooling off period”. This applies to   cosmetic surgical and non-surgical or non-ablative as well as to ablative cosmetic treatments.

There are cosmetic treatments to enhance your appearance and the other type of cosmetic treatments are carried out to correct disfigurement or to improve function as a necessity. All of the above must be considered at the time of decision making process

Deep lines skin filler treatment

Cosmetic treatments have a wide range, for example, skin laser treatments, IPL range of treatments, range of skin peels to keep your skin younger for longer, any blemishes, cysts moles, and cysts removal, and the issues/treatments  your doctor thinks is not necessary,  all come under this category of treatments. Also there are treatments to remove unwanted hair, unsightly tattoos removal, pigmentation removal, skin texture and tone improvement treatments, a range of acne skin treatments, unsightly leg veins treatments. Then there are surgical treatments for eye hoods and eye bags removal and other surgical treatments to improve you image, confidence and well being you deserve.

Take home message is that do not rush into treatment, do not take it lightly thinking that it is all like buying other items in the market. No there is a lot more to it in terms of understanding of the procedure, time off and recovery period and so on to plan before the actual treatment.

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