What your doctor cannot treat, maybe we can.


What your doctor cannot treat, maybe we can.

Our range of treatments on offer –

Abnormal/ benign skin growths (Laser/surgical removal)Accent for cellulite reductionAcne scars removalActinic keratosis (sun damage)

Acupulse CO2 Laser

Age Spots / liver spots

Anti wrinkle injections

Birth marks removal

Black Heads


Botox cosmetic for headaches

Brow lift

Bumps on the skin

Cellulite reduction

Cheek augmentation

Chemical skin peels; Blue peels, fruit acid peels, Radiance peels

Chest rejuvenation

Chin augmentation

Fractional skin  lasers

Frown lines



Hair removal (unwanted)

Hyaluronic acid fillers

Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating)

Injection treatment for scars

Jowls/jaw lines

Keloid scars

Laser resurfacing

Leg veins

Lip lines

Lipstick bleed lines

Loose Skin

Lumps on the skin

Marionette lines


Minor surgical procedures

Mole removal

Skin tags

Skin tightening

Smoker’s lip lines

SPF ( sun protection factor, physical)

Spider veins

Spots  (coloured) / moles

Squint correction surgery

Tattoo removal (by laser and by surgery)

Terizeum (discolouration of the white of the eye)

Thick scars

Chloasma, (stubborn discolouration of skin)Crow’s Feet (wrinkles around the eyes)Cyst removal (soft growths on the skin)Dark circles around the eye

Diabetic eye conditions

Double Chin Double vision

Dry skin conditions Excess skin (jowls and face)

Excessive sweating (Botox injection treatment)

Eye bag removal

Eye brow lift Eye check up

Eye hood removal

Eye stye, eye cysts, red eye, itchy eyes, watery eyes, eyelash issues, eye check ups, eye consultations and more

Facial thread veins

Forehead Lines

Neck lines

Neck rejuvenation

Nose lines

Ocular conditions

PCOS – Polycystic ovarian syndrome ( excessive hair growth)

Perlane (filler)


Pixel laser (for acne )

Pulse light (IPL)

Q-med (Restylane)

Q-switch lasers

Red spots (sun damaged skin)


Retinal conditions

Saggy skin

Scar lasers

Scar removal (by laser/surgery)

Scar surgery

Skin conditions

Skin peels

Thin lips

Thread veins

Tired eyes


Visual defects


White heads

White spots



YAG skin lasers

For any other condition

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