When do your eyes need a lift?


Do you look tired?

Over the years we all get the ultra violet rays exposure from the sun. As we advance in years, skin changes take place as a result of constant UVB and UVA affect.

The first thing we see the skin colour gets darker, skin becomes thinner, underlying veins become visible, more so around the eyes. Skin around the eyes is different to the rest of the facial skin. It is thinner and delicate with more underlying veins in the area.

Do you appear not well rested all the time?

This happens when the skin around the eyes has reached a stage up on the changes taking place. You see the skin colour looks darker, it is less elastic, some of the skin is creepy on the lower eye lids, and some benign eye lids growths are visible as small milia like structures appearing around the eyes. All of these aging changes lead to less reflection of light back to your eyes to give you a duller and tired look.

Do people keep telling you that you look tired?

Next stage is when you cannot shake your tired look and 24/7 you keep adjusting your eyes and skin around on your face, thinking I wish it was like this or that. This is the stage when no cream or serum is working to give you a desired effect. There could be a genetic element; some people develop these changes earlier in life due to their genetic predisposition. Then they come and start that my mum / dad have had eye bags early in life, hence is the case with me.

Do you feel that your eye make-up is not giving a boost to your eyes?

Then one day you realise that the make-up which used to beautify your eyes is no longer doing it any more, rather sits there as  an ugly paint. Now you would rather not use any make up. This is the stage when your skin is quite loose, some fat bulges are visible around the corners of your eyes, skin looks darker than before, and now there is something else visible around the eyes, is called dark circles around the eyes. Dark circles are a combination of changes taking place around the eyes; the skin colour changes, skin is thinner,  bony prominences are more pronounced, eye brow hooding, segregation of lower lid skin from the cheek skin leading to the formation of a tear trough deformity.

Do you think, no matter what you do, your eyes let you down?

This is the stage when you have tried everything under the sun but your eyes would not improve to give you a youthful look. At this stage a combination of factors are playing a role at the same time to make you look ten years older than your age, if not more.

What can we do about the eye lid skin brightening?

Till very recently, we only use to have one option for the eye lids, as cosmetic eye lids surgery. With the more innovation and research in the field of cosmetic medicine, now we have more than one treatment options available to treat around the eyes area. There are non-surgical options such as laser skin peels (to tighten creepy skin in early stages), volume replacement fillers (for correction of volume loss on the face) and Botox to treat the dynamic component of the muscle action around the eyes. So the eye lids  area improvement is also known as, “a complete eye lids rejuvenation”.  This entails a multi prong approach, to treat all the imperfections at the same time.

We treat skin colour, veins and discolouration with the help of non-surgical cosmetic treatments. This includes skin repair cosmecuticals for example ceremaide renewals, pigment controllers, moisture retainers and more. There are other treatments as, skin peels, laser skin peels, IpL and  vein laser treatments. There are situations we need to incorporate prescription medication.

Cosmetic eyelid surgery, with new technology and technique, it  has never been more convenient and affordable. This has gone through much advancement over the years. At our clinic, most patients can have the surgery under local anaesthesia with an anaesthetic injection and can go home immediately after the surgery.   This has come a long way, now with improved equipment and methods there is reduced recovery time and post surgery side effects. The next is, removal of fat has been replaced by re-deposition of precious fat in strategic areas. This leads to fuller eye lids, is a sign of youthful eyes.

Excess skin leads to misshapen contour of the eyes. In initial stages when the skin is manageable with skin lasers and other skin tightening non laser treatments, then it is improved with the help of radio-frequency skin tightening treatment, pixel lasers, CO2 lasers or skin peel lasers.

Blepharoplasty is the only solution for the saggy skin folds, and large eye bags and eye hoods. This is also the solution for those who have both, sagging/ drooping eye brows and eye lids. Eye brows may need an additional surgery called brow lifts cosmetic surgery. Eye brow lift is needed when your vision is being interfered by the eye hoods and you are finding it difficult to lift upper eye lids. For your peace of mind we are registered with the Care Quality Commission and have a CQC approved operation theatre on the premises. The surgery is performed by a highly qualified oculo-plastic surgeon, Mr. S Chawdhary.

We at Derby Skin Laser & Cosmetic Clinic, do both surgeries for eye brows and eye lids. Please contact us on 01332 297397.


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