Why Choose us?


Are you having difficulty deciding where to go for your skin and eye cosmetic treatments?

Then look no further and visit us –

  1. We are a long established clinic in the area and our customers are very important to us. We are what we are today, is all because of our valued customers.
  2. The clinic has built a good professional reputation, to gain and retain our customers. As we provide customer service second to none.
  3. We provide professional services at all times.
  4. We build a relationship of trust with our clients.
  5. All our clients are fully informed of the choices available and recommended the most suitable option for their problems.
  6. Individuals are fully assessed to find out about their expectations from the treatment.
  7. If we cannot help, then they are directed to proper alternatives.
  8. We do not hesitate in saying no, when one insists on unjustifiable procedure or treatment, keeping in mind the safety of our client and reputation of our clinic built over the years.
  9. We have a good medical practice, follow medical protocols, choose the right indications, exclude contraindications, exclude allergies and go forward only when the client has understood details.
  10. Our after care is all built in with the charges, agreed with the clients at the start.
  11. We have very many good reviews on our web site, written by our satisfied clients for you to see.

 If you are looking for a clinic like us then call us on 01332 297397.


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