Winter Skin – Look after it!


Dear Clients

I hope you had a good festive season and the New Year.

Winter time is the time when your skin does not like much. It is shown in the form of skin looking dry, scaly, red, thread veins on the face, blushing, flushing, itchy and roughness.

Age old wisdom tells us that use moisture, moisture and more moisture. Moisture the normal skin surface is all good on a normal skin, when it is capable of accepting it. There are skin conditions which disrupt and make it unable to take in moisture. This can be just a thick and hard skin deposited as a result of a medical condition, can be aging skin, sun damaged skin or simply a dehydrated skin. Then as a result of winter damage one develops more thread veins (more common in people who work outdoors), they develop post inflammatory hyper-pigmentation, thread veins, aging spots, Camp De Morgan spots, or just a broken vein sitting proud on the tip of the nose or on the cheeks.

In our middle age and older people, skin’s ability diminishes to deal with the environmental on slot. Then at the same time internal aging continues at cellular level. All this leads to what we call signs of aging. Signs of aging are visible as wrinkles, creepy skin, deep lines, fine lines, enlarged pores, spotty skin, senile lent genes, freckles, more moles, tired looking hands, thin skin, saggy skin, jowls sag, double chin and neck lines.

In décolletage area we see is that it is ridden with blotches in the form of actinic keratosis, puckering skin, epidermal pigment and uneven colour and texture.

To keep you skin in good health and good looking, you need to treat it in all weather and all year round. The good thing is you do not have to live with any of the above skin imperfections, as they are treatable and make you feel good within yourself.

We do the whole range of laser, non laser and surgical treatments at the clinic.

Treatment is different for each condition moisture. The skin requires looking after at every age, every stage, every season, and after each activity.

Remember you have only one LIFE and One SKIN look after both!

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